Continuing the family tradition in the field of metal constructions in Tripolis, which starts from the beginning of the previous century, the company “Tripolis Metallurgy – Ioannis Aggelopoulos and Co.” has created inside the Industrial Area of Tripolis, the infrastructure to carry out promptly and responsibly any metal construction. In a private plot of 12000 m2 area and 4000 m2 of indoor space and being equipped with the most modern metal processing equipment, like fully automated CNC beam drilling and cutting line, CNC plasma and oxygen cutting machine, bending and shearing machine etc.

The Company has undertaken a leading role in the area of the construction of metal buildings, composite constructions and any special metal construction requested. Working with the leading designing and modelling metal construction software programs, Strucad and Tekla Structures and with a very experienced designing team, the company has the capabilities to develop a project from conception through construction until completion.

Since 2009 the Company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 for the manufacture and installation of metal buildings. For more detailed information, browse our site.