Tailor Made Open Top Containers ISO 20'

The Company Tripolis Metallurgy - Ioannis X. Aggelopoulos and Co. develops a new type of special purpose ISO-20' containers ideal for dangerous materials.

That type of open top container is specially designed for vertical loading of harmful materials like chemical and low level radioactive loads.

Special reinforced corrosion resistant floor has been added, able to withstand at extreme conditions such as a possible leak. The container's floor is reinforced with 5mm of carbon steel and 3mm of stainless steel. All wooden parts of the floor are removed.

Container Specifications and Certifications

Our containers have been certified by Eurocert company and they comply with ISO 830, ISO 668,
ISO 6346, ISO 1161 & ISO 1496-1 standards.
Several trials conducted on the open-top containers by the certification company, in order to
prove the durability of the top and of the reinforced floor.
In addition, the top of the containers found to be water resistant.